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Reach out if you have questions, praise for our work, constructive criticism, or something otherwise productive to say.

We’d also be happy to hear from you if you’d like to schedule a free, 15-min. conversation with Jill (about stepping out as a practitioner) or Jenny or Sarah (about working at the legislative level).

Please note that CHF is not politically aligned with any party. So make no assumptions about our collective or individual politics. We’re a diverse organization that works on both sides of the aisle (and also in the balcony and on the roof). There are many different voices in this battle and we welcome all races, political views, religions, and creeds. In today’s climate, it’s difficult enough to take a stand and we ask that you respect our work and our bravery.

Medical freedom affects all of us—regardless of political affiliation. So if you feel called to lash out, keep it to yourself. Any attack or unwarranted negativity will be ignored.

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